#iChooseMyUnion Press Coverage

Decision Day – Media Coverage

The Sacramento Bee: Court case will cost California unions big money immediately. Then the real fight begins. 
This Supreme Court decision will not define us. We’re going to continue the good work we’ve been doing,” said Yvonne Walker, president of state government’s largest union, Service Employees International Union Local 1000.


LA Times – California’s politically powerful labor unions have been preparing for this Supreme Court ruling for a long time
“There is no Supreme Court decision that is going to define the work that we do for our fellow members, for our communities and for our families,” Yvonne Walker, president of state workers’ SEIU Local 1000, said at a rally in Pomona last weekend.


KPCC Airtalk – How today’s Janus decision impacts unions and politics in California and nationwide
Yvonne Walker on air with Larry Mantle as a guest to discuss the Supreme Court’s Janus decision impacts on California unions


Indivisible Yolo – Podcast 78: SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker
President Yvonne Walker of SEIU Local 1000 discusses the Janus vs. AFSCME Supreme Court Decision and the future of public and private sector unions.

New York Times – With Janus, the Court Deals Unions a Crushing Blow. Now What?


New York Times – The Roberts Court Protects the Powerful for a New Gilded Age


New York Times – After Janus, Unions Must Save Themselves


Washington Post – The Supreme Court’s anti-union decision marks a clear shift in the power of working-class America


Washington Post – ‘Preparing for the worst’: Unions brace for loss of members and fees in wake of Supreme Court ruling


Washington Post – Why you should care about the Supreme Court’s Janus decision


CNN – Democrats deem Supreme Court ‘an arm of the Republican Party’ after recent decisions


CBS News – Supreme Court rules against mandatory union fees in Janus v. AFSCME


USA Today – AFSCME: Ruling attacks the freedom of working people


Forbes – Unpacking The Janus Decision


The Atlantic – Is This the End of Public-Sector Unions in America?


National Review – After Janus, Conservatives and Teachers’ Unions Should Collaborate


National Review – After Janus, Government Employees May Be Less Overpaid


National Review – SCOTUS Stands Up for Public-Sector Workers


New York Magazine – Supreme Court Topples Precedent to Hobble Public Unions  


Bloomberg – Now Conservatives Get to Say What Free Speech Means


Bloomberg – Supreme Court Deals Blow to Unions by Rejecting Mandatory Fees


NPR – Supreme Court Deals Blow To Government Unions


The Hill – An attack on public sector unions is an attack on democracy


The Hill – Supreme Court ruling on Janus a victory for American workers’ First Amendment rights


The Hill – After Janus, the fight begins to make unions comply

Politico – Supreme Court deals blow to public-sector unions  


Politico – Life after Janus


Roll Call – Public Sector Union Clout May Suffer After Janus Case


The Nation – ‘Janus’ Was Decided by Conservative Judicial Activists Who Are Legislating From the Bench


The Nation – Will ‘Janus’ Prove to Be the Fatal Blow That Unions Have Long Feared?


The New Republic – The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Take Their Long-Awaited Shot at Unions


The Week – The assassination of the American union


Huffington Post – Supreme Court Conservatives Crush Workers, Again


Huffington Post – VIDEO: SCOTUS Ruling For Janus V. AFSCME Crumbles Labor Unions


Hollywood Reporter – Hollywood Guilds Blast Supreme Court’s Anti-Union Decision


Deadline – Hollywood Unions Slam Supreme Court’s “Shameful” Janus Ruling


Slate – How to Save Public Sector Unions


Slate – How Badly Did the Supreme Court Just Damage Public Sector Unions? Take a Look at Michigan.


Vox – 6 excerpts that explain the Supreme Court’s big anti-union ruling


Refinery 29 – The US Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling Is A Blow To Black Women


Bustle – The Supreme Court Janus V. AFSCME Ruling Hits Working Women Of Color Especially Hard — Here’s Why


Daily Beast – Supreme Court Just Nuked the Union Movement

February 26th National Day of Action — Media Coverage

NY Times: Striking a Blow for the Big Guys
There is no escaping it: The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. One-quarter of American workers make less than $10 per hour, a wage well below the current poverty level. The top 1 percent have an average net worth of $26.4 million, and on top of that, they take home $1.5 million annually.


America Needs Union Jobs
When he was gunned down by an assassin’s bullet in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was in Memphis. His last political act was to support sanitation workers as they fought for economic security and dignity on the job. Dr. King understood that the struggle for equality and justice is not limited to civil rights. It also includes economic justice. So, as he led the great struggle for civil rights, he also fought for labor rights.


Fox 40: Public Employee Unions Rally Together as High Court Hears Union Fee Case
Public employee unions rallied around the country as arguments were made before the United States Supreme Court regarding whether workers who disagree with unions’ political activities must be forced to pay union dues called agency fees.


Telemundo: Sindicato SEIU Se Manifiesta
By Matthew Godinez FEB 26, 2018
El tribunal supremo escuchó hoy la postura de un grupo de manifestantes de un controversial caso que podría asestar un duro golpe financiero a los sindicatos del sector público. Matthew Godinez tiene los detalles en Telemundo​.


Sacramento Bee: Don’t gut public sector unions, Supreme Court. They’re California’s middle class
Public employee unions are a force in California. They’re why minimum wages here are rising to $15 an hour and why farmworkers get overtime. They got voters to raise taxes to support public schools during the recession and, less happily, negotiated pensions with costs that are sky high.


LA Times: A bogus free-speech argument at the Supreme Court is union-busting in the name of the 1st Amendment
On Monday the Supreme Court was asked — again — to engage in some union-busting in the name of the 1st Amendment.


OC Weekly: UC Irvine Union Coalition Rallies Against Janus Supreme Court Case
What do public sector unions in Orange County do when facing an existential threat at the Supreme Court of the United States? People held signs spelling out “solidarity” in answering the question during an urgent noontime rally yesterday at UC Irvine. A new six-member coalition of campus unions banded together to sound the alarm on Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), a case the court began hearing oral arguments on this week and is posed to deal a devastating blow to the collective bargaining power of public sector unions in 22 “fair share” fee states like California.


SF Bay: Workers rally as Supreme Court weighs union dues
The court heard arguments today in the case, Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council (AFSCME), in which the plaintiffs argue that non-union workers should not have to pay “fair-share” union fees. The U.S. Supreme Court set that precedent 40 years ago.


Venture County Star: Union members rally in Ventura against Supreme Court case
Dozens of union members rallied at the Ventura County Medical Center Monday in response to the Janus v. AFSCME case being heard by the Supreme Court.


ABC 10 News: San Diego union workers rally ahead of Supreme Court case
By MATT BOONE FEB 24, 2018
Supporters of labor unions rallied across the country on Saturday ahead of a Supreme Court case that could effect how unions collect agency fees.