IT Reclass Team Drives State Back to the Table


After negotiations to reclassify more than 8,000 information technology workers stalled last month, our IT Reclass Action team forced the state back to the table Aug. 31.

For months, our IT Reclass team had been working to ensure a positive outcome for the complex transition to a more modern set of job specifications while fighting for fair compensation and protecting the interests of our members.

When state negotiators walked away from the table May 31 without adequately addressing our concerns or addressing our proposals, the team filed an Unfair Practice Charge with the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB), citing the state’s refusal to bargain in good faith.

Our team isued a report titled “The State’s $2.5 Billion Addiction,” illustrating how an outdated and uncompetitive classification system is subsidized by the state’s longstanding dependence on contracting out.

Our report demonstrated that IT reclassification, done right, would save the state $700 million each year, strengthen the IT infrastructure and stop the exodus of state workers to the private sector. Our members took action to keep the pressure on, calling CalHR and demanding that they “get IT together.” The state settled the Unfair Practice Charge, making a commitment to not walk away from the table until we agree or disagree on the reforms. Our union retains the right to reopen the UPC should the state not meet their obligations.

“This win is a direct result of the efforts of IT members,” said Brenda Modkins, Chair, Bargaining Unit 1. “We have a pathway forward, but we must continue to hold the state accountable along the way.”