Job Stewards Building A Stronger Union
Developing Leaders, Providing Real Representation Is A Union Value


Our Job Stewards—more than 1,000 strong— are the building blocks of the collective power of our union. They connect members to their union and to one another, amplify member voices in the workplace and the community, and harness the energies and talents of Local 1000 members to build power across the state.

Stewards are on the front line of enforcing our hard-earned contract rights, working with the state and our leaders to bring positive resolution to workplace issues.

Our LAPS program—Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards— provides candidates with six months of intensive training that includes mentoring, education and on-the-job training with union staff.

A dozen classes have been held—comprising 426 new stewards—since the program’s launch in 2014. Our 12th class of new stewards was sworn in mid-April and right now, there are 100 members actively engaged in the program, stepping into their leadership to make us stronger.

“Stewards are our greatest asset. These leaders are our future, working on the front lines with their fellow members to create the union we need to be.”
-Tamekia N. Robinson, Vice President for Organizing/Representation

Click here if you’d like to step up and become a Union Steward. Applications for the July class are due May 17.