A Labor Day Message from President Yvonne R. Walker


Labor Day is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the hard-fought wins that organized labor has achieved for all working people. We owe a debt to those who came before us and won retirement security, sick leave, the eight-hour work day, weekends, paid vacations and employer-provided health care. Unions are what raise the standards for all working people.

Everyday we defend those standards against threats funded by wealthy billionaires and corporations, whose aim is to eliminate benefits, suppress wages and take away our pensions.

These anti-labor groups attempt to divide and weaken our union with false slogans and empty promises, but we understand the power of collective action and choosing our union.

Standing together gives us the power to negotiate strong contracts, win higher wages, improve our working conditions and create a better future for our families, our communities and all Californians. Like those who came before us we will not be silenced nor divided. 

This Labor Day let us be mindful of our role in labor’s present and future. When we choose our union, we choose a movement that improves the lives of all workers for generations to come.