Leaders Choose to Fight Back Against Anti-Worker Attacks


SEIU Local 1000 leaders from across the state gathered in Sacramento on June 9 and 11 and made the choice to fight back against attacks to our union, our retirement, our wages and our communities. 

Corporations and billionaires are bringing their misleading “right to work” campaign to California, with the intent to suppress workers’ wages, rollback benefits and privatize jobs, all in an effort to increase their own profits. 

When left unchecked, these attacks silence working families’ voices and erode our communities. 

Here’s what happened to people in Wisconsin when corporations made it a “right to work” state: 

  • Workers lost the right to negotiate over benefits, retirement and working conditions. 
  • They saw an immediate 24% cutback to their benefits. 
  • Since 2010, state workers in Wisconsin received a mere 2% salary increase. 

We’re not letting that happen to our families in California. Over the next year we’ll be faced with a choice: Stand strong with 2 million SEIU union members nationwide to fight back against these attacks. Or stand alone and let our wages, benefits and rights be chipped away. 

The Choice is clear. #iChooseMyUnion

To learn more, contact your Union Organizer or call the MRC at 866.471.SEIU (7348)