Master Table Bargaining Update for Monday, August 26, 2019
State Presents Counter-Proposals on Health Care and Signs Additional Tentative Agreements; Units 17 and 20 Return to MOT Table


On Monday, August 26, state negotiators returned to the master table with counter-proposals on the health care stipend and Union Information Packet proposals. Both of these proposals highlight important struggles for working people in our fight to make this state a California for All.

As health care premiums continue to increase in California, even people fortunate enough to have coverage find that the monthly cost of their plans can still be unaffordable. The Local 1000 bargaining team heard from Local 1000 members that affordable health care is a priority. That’s why the team is fighting to reach an agreement that will provide real relief for our members barely managing to meet premium payments each month. The state has responded with language that we feel is responsive, but more work needs to be done.

We also made progress on the state’s latest Union Information Packet proposal, which will provide information to new hires about their option to join the union without exposing the state to post-Janus legal jeopardy related to the free choice of state workers to decline membership.  

The bargaining team is leading both of these issues with Local 1000 values by fighting for health care justice and union rights.

Local 1000’s bargaining team also signed several more tentative agreements (TAs) on:

  • Sick Leave, with updated language that will reflect the statutory expansion of sick leave to cover domestic violence, stalking, and medical/mental health treatment for veterans with disabilities connected to their service.
  • A Permanent Intermittent (PI) provision that cleans up language in the contract to make it consistent with current Flex Elect and CoBen eligibility guidelines as it relates to PIs.
  • The Deferred Compensation Program for Unit 21 to make current language in the provision consistent with master table language.
  • The Flex Elect Program, which consists of technical changes to the current provision.   

In addition to the above, Unit 17 and Unit 20 returned to the master table to resume working on how to move from conversation about mandatory overtime to solutions and implementation.

The bargaining team will return to the master table on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. Members are encouraged to stay engaged and ready for action during this crucial time.