Master Table Bargaining Update for Thursday, August 22, 2019
Local 1000 Bargaining Team Signs More Roll-Over Provisions; Continues Steady Progress Towards Tentative Agreement


On Thursday, August 22, Local 1000’s bargaining team continued progress towards a tentative agreement with the state by signing over ten provisions, including agreements on Tax Deferral of Lump Sum Leave Cash Outs, Parking Rates, the Personal Leave Program, and other standard labor contract provisions from the current MOU.

State negotiators also presented a number of counter-proposals. One would limit grievances related to our Temperature Control contract provision to the second level because, according to the state, this is a local issue and should be dealt with at the lowest level possible.

We know that state buildings can fluctuate between very hot and very cold depending on the season. Just as importantly, these temperature extremes can be more than just uncomfortable. They can have an impact on a working person’s ability to effectively carry out their job duties, which makes this an issue for all workers in our state, not just those working in California’s civil service. And limiting grievances to the second level leaves workers with little to no recourse beyond department heads.

Other state counter-proposals included:

  • The Timely Payment of Wages, related mainly to non-full-time workers, which the state proposed to have CalHR and Local 1000 discuss within 120 days of ratification of the new contract.
  • A Union Security counter where the state argued that CalHR did not have the authority to set standards for departments.

Local 1000’s Bargaining Team heads back to the table on Friday, August 23. It’s critical that members keep up the pressure on their department directors to support our proposals at the table and continue fighting to make this state a California for All.