Master Table Bargaining Update for Thursday, August 8th, 2019
Local 1000 Bargaining Team Demands Workplace Respect; Stronger Provision Against Abusive Bosses


The Local 1000 bargaining team returned to the master table on Thursday, August 8, and refused to back down in the fight against abusive bosses who use intimidation and disrespect as ways to manage their staff.

Earlier in the bargaining process, Local 1000 submitted additional language to our Workplace Violence and Bullying Prevention contract provision that prohibits supervisors from engaging in “abusive conduct” towards their staff. On Thursday the state responded by insisting that the current contract language and other policies and laws were enough. They are not.

Many rank and file workers in state service have experienced first-hand how the current system of anti-bullying enforcement isn’t always effective. Charles Thompson, a BUNC member and academic teacher who works at Pelican Bay State Prison, shared his experience with workplace harassment and bullying at the master table on Wednesday. He described a former vice principal who “began her abusive and bullying behavior towards him the minute she got promoted to principal.” She regularly referred to him as a “pimp” and a “boy” and made his life at work so miserable that he tried to resign. Things got so bad that he finally had to get a restraining order against her.

Charles eventually prevailed and the principal was terminated. But the lasting scars and trauma remain. Charles believes this additional language in the Workplace Violence and Bullying Prevention provision is an important statement representing Local 1000 values around workplace respect. “When you go to work it should be to be an exceptional employee, not a survivalist,” he added.

In other bargaining news from the master table, the Local 1000 team also responded to two counter proposals submitted from the state.

  • The Local 1000 bargaining team accepted a “roll-over” provision from the current contract on the length of time the union gets to spend with new hires during their orientation session.
  • The state also rejected our proposal to significantly increase the commute program reimbursement, but the bargaining team will be responding and keeping up the fight.

In the meantime, SEIU Local 1000 members are encouraged to send your stories of abusive conduct at work to to let the sate know that the current language and behavior is unacceptable. And be sure to come to the Capitol Rally on August 13th to pressure the state to respond to our proposals on 100% healthcare, salary increases, and geographic pay. RSVP here.

“We have to be willing to fight if we want this state to be a California for All,” said Local 1000 president Yvonne Walker. “That’s why it’s important that everyone make it out to the Capitol Rally on August 13th. Now’s the time for us to show just how committed we are to social justice for our families and communities.”