Master Table Bargaining Update for Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Bargaining Heads into Sixth Week with Tentative Agreements; Management Proposals


After six weeks of bargaining, our members have increasingly been willing to lead the charge to make this state a California for All. Members across the state have been standing up for the values that mean the most to our communities—living wages for full-time work, housing, family and workplace justice and respect on the job.   

Local 1000’s bargaining team returned to the master table with state negotiators on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 with focus and a sense of determination to continue standing up for these values as they signed their first set of tentative agreements (TA) and received a number of management proposals and counter proposals.

Our team made progress on Wednesday reaching TAs on several roll-over contract items including:

  • Union Steward Protection, which prohibits management from imposing or threatening to impose reprisals against stewards in their contract enforcement activities.
  • The Upward Mobility Program, which is the cornerstone of Local 1000’s commitment to providing opportunities for career advancement and training for our members.
  • The Dignity Clause, which helps to protect Local 1000 represented workers from bad bosses who use disrespect and intimidation to manage their employees.
  • The Access Provision, which ensures that Local 1000 leaders have reasonable opportunities to talk to workers about union business while they’re at work.

On Wednesday, state negotiators submitted proposals that would make several changes to the grievance and arbitration process. They also made counter-proposals in response to new Local 1000 proposals and to roll-over proposals related to:

  • Union Representation, affirming that workers can discuss all reasonable accommodation issues with management, not just denials.  
  • JLMC Model Policy on 4/10/40 alternate work schedule, striking provision because the model policy has been completed.
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures, making language less specific and giving the state more “flexibility.”

Both Local 1000 and the state made proposed technical changes to the current contract’s Supersession provision and continue to negotiate modifications to the language.

“I felt like we made good progress at the table today,” said Kim Cowart, Unit 17 chair. “We have a commitment to our members’ demands and the values that those demands represent. Our August 13 rally at the Capitol is an opportunity for all of us to show that commitment.”