Members Step up as Job Stewards to Provide Real Representation
Our Leadership Apprentice Program is Building a Stronger Union


A strong example of our union’s commitment to provide real representation and to build member strength is LAPS – the Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards. In the 4 years since it’s inception, more than 500 of our members have completed LAPS training and stepped up to become advocates for their coworkers and to harness the power of our members and amplify their voices.

Thirty new LAPS graduates joined the ranks of Local 1000 stewards in ceremonies this month in Sacramento and Ontario. Now, nearly one thousand job stewards across the state help enforce our hard-earned contract rights while building unity and strength in their worksites.

Michael Ramos is in the newest class of stewards. He works for the California State Lottery as a District Sales Representative. He’s been a state employee for nine years and chose to step up in his leadership because of a greater commitment to protect and improve our contract rights.

“I choose my union and to be a Local 1000 steward, to preserve our history and our hard-fought wins. It’s a time of change for our union and with the attacks we’re facing, we have much more power when we stand together.”

Steward candidates participate in a six-month apprenticeship to develop their union leadership and acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed. They receive a month-long orientation, followed by three months of online, classroom and field education.

Their final two months prepare them for their leadership journey with internships in member organizing and at our Union Resource Center. All along, they are mentored by experienced union leaders to promote and cultivate personal and professional growth.

By giving our stewards new tools and training to be effective leaders, we are truly investing in the grassroots strength of our union. The 96,000 state workers we represent enjoy skilled, hands-on representation and contract enforcement. Our stewards advance the core mission of Local 1000 to help build better worksites and better opportunities for us to serve all Californians.