New Member Program Launched
Together We Will Change the Course of History by Building the Next Generation of Local 1000 Members and Leaders


More than 100 member leaders from across the state gathered in Sacramento for a three-day training to launch our comprehensive New Member Program. They’re part of a statewide effort to bring new members to Local 1000 by building the next generation of leaders who will join our union to protect our rights and grow our power.

These certified New Employee Orientation representatives will communicate union values and the benefits of joining a member-led union to newly-hired employees as well as those already in state service.

“We’re building a stronger union, one member at a time,” said President Yvonne R. Walker, adding “We shape the future we want—for our jobs, our families and our communities— by creating new leaders like you here today.”

We were joined by SEIU Local 503 Executive Director Melissa Unger and Client-Home Provider Director Rebecca Sandoval, who shared their experience in developing a new member program in Oregon while fighting the same anti-union attacks we face here in California.

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry was the keynote speaker at the conference on Sunday, sharing a message of encouragement and hope, calling Local 1000’s New Member efforts “a powerful union heartbeat leading the way for all unions.”

She joined with the 100+ member leaders at the event, echoing the pledge, “I’m a leader, and together, we will change the course of history.”