New slots open up in IT Apprenticeship Program


Professional development and upward mobility are key priorities for our union, and our members, and an innovative new Information Technology (IT) Apprenticeship Program offers Sacramento-area members an opportunity to improve their state careers.

Launched earlier this year, our IT Apprenticeship Program is offering its second group of up to 30 slots for a two-year program that combines on-the- job IT training with approximately 24 units of college instruction. Participants move from their current classification into a Training and Development assignment as an Associate Information Systems Analyst.  

Click here to learn more about the IT Apprenticeship Program and apply.

James Harmer is a member of the first group of IT apprentices working through the program. A ten-year state employee, he was working as a Unit 4 Office Technician when he applied for the program and is slated to complete his classwork next year.

“I’m proud to be part of a union that helps its members make meaningful progress in their careers,” said James Harmer, an IT Apprentice working for CCHCS in Elk Grove. “This is a life-changing experience for my job and my family.”

Members working in roughly a dozen different state departments in the greater Sacramento area are eligible, and the classwork is done at Sacramento City College.

This is the first public sector IT Apprenticeship Program in the country and one of the first anywhere to focus on IT networking. Last year, our union launched another innovative apprenticeship program providing Licensed Vocational Nurses the training and education to become Registered Nurses. Already, two of our members have graduated from that program.

Click here to learn more about the IT Apprenticeship Program and apply.