Social Media Myths Based on Lies and Misinformation
Don’t be fooled by false claims and empty promises


Consider the myths circulating about a ‘No’ vote — including the attempts to scare workers into voting ‘No’.  

FACT: The contract we negotiated for Unit 11 has real life benefits that help the vast majority of Unit 11 workers. 

The democratically elected bargaining representatives reflected the rights of all Unit 11 workers when it moved for a revote and recommended ‘Yes’ a second time.

MYTH: The Bargaining Representatives Can’t Call a Revote.

FACT: The Elected Bargaining Representatives Have Authority. 

Only the Bargaining Representatives are democratically elected and have authority to sign a tentative agreement and to submit it for ratification. The Bargaining Representatives have a duty to represent the interests of Unit 11 as a whole, and were elected by Unit 11 membership to do so.

MYTH: Hold Out and You’ll Get More.

FACT: Hold Out and You Could Get Less.

CCPOA (Bargaining Unit 6) went three and a half years without a contract from 2007 to 2011 after rejecting the State’s final offer.

Unfortunately, they chose this risky strategy at the beginning of a long recession and housing foreclosure crisis.

Source: CalHR News Archive- 2007

FACT: The State offered CCPOA a 4-year contract that continued to tie its compensation to CHP officers. It included a 5 percent raise and an increase to uniform and recruitment and retention differentials.
That offer was on the bargaining table from April 6, 2007 until
August 22, 2007.

Source LAO, “Correctional Officer Pay, Benefits and Labor Relations” February 2008 

FACT: With bargaining at an impasse, the State imposed a contract that the union had to accept by law. 

FACT: The Union Lost Rights.

The contract lapse included the loss of the provision that pegged prison guard compensation to CHP officers (a $666 monthly difference). As a result, CCPOA members lost real money out of their pockets due to the lapse in their contract (Ibid).

MYTH: Vote ‘No’ and You’ll Get More.

FACT: Vote ‘No’ and You Could Get Less.

California Scientists (Bargaining Unit 10) voted ‘No’ in July 2014.  Scientists rejected a TA after working under a contract that expired in 2013. The rejected TA would have provided 4.5% raises.  A few months later, in September 2014, the Scientists finally approved a contract with less money.  The 4.5% was reduced to 3% raise plus a $1,000 signing bonus. 

FACT: A year later, the contract — with the lesser deal — expired.  Then, sticking with the risky plan to vote ‘No’ a second time in October 2015, the Scientists rejected a new contract that would have given them a 15% salary increase over three years but include the new requirement to contribute toward retiree health benefits. The Scientists did not get more.  

Scientists voted ‘No’ and got less – 9/12/14

California state scientists OK short-term contract with Gov. Brown … › news › the-state-worker › article2609522

Scientists turn down contract in 2015

MYTH: The Economy is Getting Stronger.

FACT: The Economy is Expected to Tighten or Decline Starting Next Year.

Voting ‘No’ means no raises in an uncertain economy. Governor Newsom announced on October 3 that an economic decline is expected starting next year.  As such, he anticipates a much tighter budget proposal in January 2020 at the exact time that BU 11’s contract expires.  By comparison, Local 1000 is the only union that secured guaranteed raises throughout the next 3-year contract term. Other units (outside of Local 1000) only got raises that are subject to fiscal conditions and reopeners. The economy has experienced unprecedented volatility and many economists fear a recession is near.

Boom is over, Newsom budget tightens in 2020