State Personnel Board disapproves $400k IT outsourcing contract
Local 1000 Fights Back Against The State's Addiction To Wasteful Private Vendors


Our Information Technology (IT) Reclass team’s fight against outsourcing scored a big win on July 5 when the State Personnel Board (SPB) disapproved a $401,760 private vendor contract that would have paid outsourced employees more than $115 per hour. 

“This is an important victory, but we are only halfway done with the IT Reclass efforts,” said President Yvonne R. Walker. “The state still needs to pay our IT professionals competitive wages instead of wasting $2.5 billion in taxpayer dollars on outsourced contracts.” 

The disapproved contract was for “legacy programming” on older systems at the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). Local 1000 successfully asserted that CDTFA issued the contract and refused to utilize civil service employees to do the work. The SPB agreed, declaring the contract invalid because “CDTFA has failed to meet its burden of establishing, by specific and detailed factual information, that the contract is justified …” 

 Our IT Reclass team—with the support of IT members across the state—has also filed contract challenges against the Department of Developmental Services and CalPERS for outsourcing work within the classifications and domains of the state IT workforce. 

“These challenges are just part of our fight to finish the IT Reclass and to get the state to ‘Make IT Right,’ said Danilyn Creech, who works at the Department of State Hospitals-Patton, in San Bernardino. “We need to step up and stand together for better wages and stop the state’s addiction to outsourcing.” 

The fight to “Make IT Right” continues as we take on the annual $2.5 billion in wasteful outsourcing. Save the date to show your support for the IT Reclass team as they testify on August 2 at the SPB hearing— where CalHR will update the Board on the implementation of the Reclass. 

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