Stewards say, “I Choose My Union”


Hundreds of job stewards joined together in regional meetings across the state on July 29 and made the choice to stand united against threats to our wages, benefits, retirement security and communities.

Corporations and billionaires are bringing their misleading “right to work” campaign to our state in an effort to increase their profits by suppressing our wages, rolling back benefits and privatizing jobs.

Stewards received updates on the upcoming attacks and prepared to spread the message to fellow coworkers that it’s critical we stay united to protect all that we’ve fought for and won.

The stakes are high. When corporations made Wisconsin a “right to work” state, workers saw an immediate 24% reduction in their benefits. In seven years, they saw a mere 2% salary increase.

The choice is clear. Stand together and protect our contract, or stand alone and let our hard-earned rights, wages and retirement security be taken away.

To learn more, contact your steward or call the MRC at 866.471.SEIU (7348).