Tentative Agreement making way through Legislature

Our Tentative Agreement cleared two hurdles this week as it makes its way through the Legislature and closer to the Governor’s desk.

Vice President for Bargaining Margarita Maldonado testified before two Senate committees in support of our agreement, and both committees voted to move the TA forward.

Speaking on Feb. 6, Maldonado told the Senate Public Employees and Retirement Committee that we represent about 40% of California’s total state employees and provide a broad range of valuable services to California and our communities.

“Like all Californians, we believe that people who work hard for a living should be able to provide for their families,” she said. “Our Tentative Agreement helps thousands of families get closer to that goal.”

Senate Bill 28, sponsored by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) to make our agreement law, was approved by the Senate Public Employees and Retirement Committee on Feb. 6 and the Senate Budget and Finance Review Committee on Feb.9.

The bill will undergo review in the Assembly and will then be voted on by both houses of the Legislature before going to the Governor for his signature.

Our Tentative Agreement includes across-the-board pay increases along with a $2,500 bonus. In addition, we made numerous improvements in working conditions; upward mobility and professional development; and leaves and health and safety.

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