Tentative agreement moves to governor’s desk!


Our tentative agreement (Senate Bill 28) was approved by a 61-14 vote on the Assembly floor on March 9 and now moves to the final phase of the legislative process: the governor’s desk for his signature!

“This agreement reflects a long struggle and a lot of hard work to reach an agreement that will have a positive impact on our members, our state services and our communities.”

— Yvonne R. Walker, President

Protecting Our Rights 

Member wins grievance, back pay

A Local 1000 member, an Associate Health Program Advisor, working at Emergency Medical Service won a settlement of up to $10,000 after filing an out-of-class grievance. 

During the member’s first year of employment, it was demonstrated that the work being performed was not in her job specifications. 

Our union took the grievance to arbitration, and the decision awarded our member out-of-class back pay with interest. 

Fighting back bullying in the workplace

When one of our CalPERS members was being bullied by management, our union stewards at the worksite took action.

The member’s division chief impeded the process of resolving the issue, so a grievance was filed. Within an hour of serving the grievance, our member was reassigned to a different unit and the personnel and drop files were cleaned out.