Unit 11 Update
Sunday, October 13, 2019


Unit 11 members have re-examined, reconsidered, and re-voted! Overwhelmingly, Unit 11 members have voted to ratify our Tentative Agreement. The vote count was 72% yes to 28% no.

The decision by Unit 11 members to vote has a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of Unit 11 members who will now receive:

  • A 7% wage increase over three years
  • A $260 monthly health care stipend for those who are primary enrollees in a CalPERS health plan
  • More than 14 special salary adjustments
  • Multiple classifications lifted up with our $15/hour minimum wage win
  • A $250/month Geographic Pay differential in four California counties (Santa Barbara, Orange, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Cruz)
  • Increased Commute Program Incentives from $65 to $100 and an additional $35 for van pool drivers
  • Improved language for members who work at DWR and are part of the Operational Availability Incentive Program
  • Improved language for lab assistants who perform Phlebotomy work to ensure they receive the differential

In the coming weeks, stewards will have the opportunity to attend New MOU Training and begin preparing for the implementation of our new contract in 2020.

Congratulations to the Unit 11 members who exercised their rights and voted to secure their financial future.