On January 22, 2019, our Union met with the State Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) to discuss a revision to the Performance Standard to Quality Assurance (QA) in the Claims Processing Center (CPC) Bill Review Unit and the implementation of a performance standard for QA in the Scan Indexing Unit.

Some of the major details from the negotiations include:

  • Regarding the Bill Review Unit, State Fund plans to increase the performance standard goal from 96% to 97.5%, with a review goal of 15 bills per month, each worth 1000 points. Points will be deducted based on the types of errors made. 
  • This review will no longer include non-financial components in the performance standard process, only financial components, which should benefit employee’s ability to meet the new standard goal.
  • Regarding the Scan Indexing Unit, the QA performance standard will take into account qualitative and quantitative measures, where the department will randomly audit 10 transactions monthly per employee, and employees are expected to have no more than 4 claim number errors per year.
  • The department explained that based on data tracking, employees are currently exceeding the original performance standard goals which further support the departments increase and implementation of these performance standards. 
  • Our bargaining team strongly expressed the department continue monitoring the performance standards and trends with quality assurance in both the Bill Review and Scan Indexing units.