We Voted & We Won
Members Help Drive Historic Mid-Term Voter Turnout After


After a year of town halls, endorsements, phone banking and precinct walking, we have a new Congress in D.C., a new governor, and new leaders taking over California’s constitutional offices. Our members made a real difference for working families and the communities we live in. 

Members across the state volunteered for more than 750 shifts, spending more than 2,000 hours talking to voters about the importance of state and local issues and helping drive this year’s turnout—in both the primary and general elections— to the highest seen in more than two decades. 

  • Gov. Newsom joined by an all-Democratic slate of statewide officers 
  • 75% of candidates endorsed by SEIU members won their elections 
  • Strong Democratic majorities preserved in state legislature 
  • Flipped three congressional seats and helped win a Democratic majority 
  • Defeated an attempt by the wealthy to slash property tax revenues 

Make politics matter for state workers, our families and our communities join local 1000’s committee for political education (cope). Call the MRC to learn more 866.471.7348 (SEIU)