When we vote, we win!


Scores of members across the state are stepping up to make politics matter for state workers, their families and their communities by getting out the vote on Nov. 6. 

They’re volunteering for phone banks and precinct walks to talk to voters to help elect leaders who share our values and will stand up for working families. 

This is an opportunity to make real change—to choose our future, to protect our jobs, our wages and benefits and our union from constant attacks by the wealthy few who seek to destroy all we’ve achieved. 

We have the opportunity to elect our bosses—the lawmakers who ratify our contract and pass laws that affect our jobs and communities. When we vote, we win! 

Last year, members across California gathered at regional town halls to meet face-to-face with candidates for district and statewide offices and for Congress. They used their voice to endorse the candidates who value unions and the workers they represent. 

Politics matter to all of us. Vote on Nov. 6, and volunteer your time to encourage others to do the same. 

Sign up for a phone bank or precinct walk today! Click here to find one near you.