Working Condition Win and Pay Error Corrected


Working Conditions Win at CDCR – Bay Area 

Our union took action after learning member nurses working in a portion of a Bay Area prison were using a bathroom for a break room because no suitable area was close by, and patient loads prevented them from traveling to another area to have food or coffee. 

The nurses had installed a coffee maker and small refrigerator in one of the restroom stalls. 

Responding immediately, nurses and union representatives met with management, and the following day, the issue had been resolved. 

Pay Error Corrected at CDCR – Central California 

When one of our members raised the issue of a pay discrepancy based upon professional certification issues, our union’s legal department stepped in and used information on a previously-settled case to advocate on their behalf. 

Our member was being paid at the lowest level in the highest pay range. With the union-provided justification, CDCR agreed to increase the pay to the highest scale for the classification and back pay since August 2017—just over $5,000. 

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