November 10, 2021


Collective Bargaining Ballot

While California recovers from over a year of instability and fear thanks to COVID, dark money groups want to strip away rights from the people who helped the state, our economy, and our communities weather this storm.


Members take action, enforce contract, and collect $16,000 in unpaid meal tickets

When DLC 729 President Nancy Martinez learned from Job Stewards at Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) that members weren’t receiving their hard-earned meal tickets, she engaged her fellow member-leaders, took action, and ended up with a big win for her represented employees.

Our contract provides meal tickets—valued at $8— for employees required to work at least two hours in addition to their normal work shift (see details below).


Considering Names and Titles During Native American Heritage Month

We are well into autumn of 2021, and in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time of harvesting and harvest celebrations. It’s also a time that some of us get easily distracted into watching professional sports such as football and the baseball playoffs. For Native American/Indigenous People in our society, this time of year can spark painful reminders of the trauma inflicted on their ancestors and culture at the hands of the European settlers and the U.S. and state governments.