November 11, 2020


Kaiser / SEIU 1000 Well-Being Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded many of us just how important it is that we care for the health of our communities. For more than a decade, SEIU Local 1000 has been fighting for a healthier California. This year, SEIU Local 1000 has partnered with Kaiser Permanente to launch a well-being program for Kaiser members who are also SEIU Local 1000 members. 


Local 1000 salutes Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’ ascension to the vice presidency is a milestone—the first woman, the first woman of color, and the first Asian to hold the office. And we lift her up as an exemplar of the future of a country that is growing more racially diverse.

Harris’ road to the White House had many milestones, and it included several stops at SEIU Local 1000, where she shared her vision of what leadership meant and what California could aspire to be.