November 4, 2022

Article published on NOvember 4, 2022

Let’s Cast our Votes and Raise our Voices for A Better Future!

Your vote is your voice! In an election where the outcomes affect us all, we have an opportunity to advance our fight for social, economic and environmental justice for working families and all Californians.

This is our opportunity to send a clear message: our votes aren’t just a show of support for a candidate. They’re a demand for elected leaders to stand up to price-gouging, tax-dodging, union-busting corporations. Let’s elect leaders who will make our economy work for everyone, not just the wealthiest few.

Article Published on November 4, 2022

Bobby Dalton Roy: Bargaining Unit 21 Chair Honored as a “Top 25 Asian American Pacific Islander Change Maker in Sacramento”

Our Union sibling and SEIU Local 1000 activist Bobby Dalton Roy has been honored as one of the Top 25 Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Change Makers by The Sacramento Bee recently. They have been identified as “people who are committed to leading positive transformations in their communities … shifting the landscape in medicine, science, policy, economy, education, art and advocacy with their authenticity, problem-solving and vision for a better Sacramento,” according to the Bee article.

Article Published on November 4, 2022

Local 1000 Board Adopts Resolution to Examine and Advise on Union Governance

On September 25, 2022, the SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors (BOD) adopted a resolution to create a Committee on the Future (COF) to work on the future governance structure of SEIU Local 1000. On Saturday, October 29, 2022, the BOD held a virtual meeting to consider and approve—by a vote of 32-6—the following final recommendations:

Who makes up the Committee on the Future? The COF shall be composed of the following:

Article Published on November 4, 2022

Our Native American Committee Works to Create Tomorrow’s Heritage for California’s Indigenous People

November is Native American Heritage Month! This annual month-long celebration is an opportunity to come together to honor and celebrate the culture, traditions, history, and contributions of American Indians and Alaskan Natives. 

While it’s important to understand the importance of our shared heritage, the SEIU Local 1000 Native American Committee (NASEIU) is working to create a better future for California’s Indigenous people today.

Article Published on November 4, 2022

Stewards Lead the Way Doing Real Representation

When our members find themselves facing conflict in the workplace over contract language, their first line of defense is their Job Steward. Across the state, hundreds of SEIU Local 1000 members have stepped up to act in the role of advocate for their coworkers, receiving regular and thorough training in our contract and the codes and regulations that protect our rights and working conditions.