October 12, 2021


Announcing the Return of the Fast Track Leadership Apprenticeship Program for Stewards (LAPS)

Job Stewards are the foundation and the power behind our union; they connect members to their union and to one another, amplify member voices in the workplace and in the community, and ensure that no workplace is without fair representation. That is why, after an 18-month gap, SEIU Local 1000 is bringing back the Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards (LAPS) in a new and improved format. The Fast Track LAPS Program will be more cost effective, faster, and provide job stewards with the skills and connections necessary to hit the ground running.


Enforcing our Contract for All Represented Employees is a Union Priority

When one of our Unit 15 custodians was reprimanded about the state of his route by a supervisor in the open and in front of other people, it violated our contract’s language that these types of meetings should be held in private.

Our custodian had been off for the previous two days and was just returning to work. What’s more, it wasn’t even this custodian’s supervisor but one from another area in the building. This supervisor chose not to talk to the custodian’s direct supervisor even when asked.