October 21, 2022

Article Published on october 21, 2022

CCC/Susanville Closure Update – Negotiations Underway Regarding Mitigation

SEIU Local 1000’s Contract Department is working with our represented employees at Susanville’s California Correctional Center to help them understand the process and procedure of the June 30, 2023 closure of that facility.

Our team has completed two days of negotiations with CDCR regarding the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP). An agreement has yet to be reached, as the parties present proposals and counter-proposals that will govern the process. A third day of bargaining with the State is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25.

Article Published on October 21, 2022

Share your story and tell the State we need a fair and equitable contract

As we continue working toward negotiating a new contract with the State, telling the stories of members like yourself remains a crucial part. And we need your help.

Stand up and tell the State your story

When it comes to Contract negotiations, nothing impacts the State more than hearing from full-time employees who are still struggling to get by.

Article published on october 21, 2022

Statewide Bargaining Team Building Momentum for 2023 Negotiations

With contract negotiations coming in the spring of 2023, building a stronger membership was the focus for the October 15-16 virtual meeting of the Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC).

Membership is key to winning a good contract, and when we go to the bargaining table, it’s important to have a membership roster that’s as big as possible. It sends the strongest possible message to state negotiators that we are “all in” for a good contract, one that values our contribution to California.

Article published on october 21, 2022

Contract Enforcement Wins for Members – protecting our hard-earned rights

Our Contract contains hundreds of hard-earned provisions that govern our pay and our working conditions. When management fails to comply with Contract language, our members, our Job Stewards, and our Union Resource Center join forces to ensure our rights.

Win – DMV Scheduling “Secrecy” Ended

Article published on october 21, 2022

Board Chair Bill Hall’s Weekly Leadership Report

In order to be successful in our 2023 Contract negotiations, we need to continue to build important relationships within the political world. With the help of the SEIU Local 1000 legislative team, I focused much of my attention last week on doing so as we simultaneously work to build our membership and build power in preparation for the 2023 Contract Campaign.