October 28, 2020


Get Out the Vote: What You Can Do

This election is a watershed moment for our democracy, as voters are asked to vote on the future of our state and for our nation. Local 1000 members have joined the fight by participating in phone banks, texting voters, and volunteering their time to ensure the future of our democracy is one in which we all can participate.


California Ballot Propositions 17, 18, and 21

While less than a week remains before our country makes a momentous decision, here in California we face nine ballot measures that will significantly impact the social, economic, and environmental future of our state—and our Union. After all the work we have done to volunteer, strengthen our communities, and makes our voices heard, let’s all be sure to finish the job and turn out at the polls.


New Native American Committee Helps Broaden Local 1000 Outreach

In a state workforce with nearly a quarter-million employees, there are only 1100 Native American workers, but member-leaders Francina Stevenson and Eileen Boughton are using their organizing skills and the power of their union to increase that number.

“Native Americans are the most under-represented employee voice in both public and private sector jobs,” says Stevenson. “We want to create more opportunities for them.”


LUNAFEST Women’s Film Festival Builds the Local 1000 Community

More than 60 Local 1000 members from across the state joined the third annual LUNAFEST—the film festival that provides a platform for women to share their untold stories. This year’s event featured seven short films made by, and for, women.

More importantly, it was an opportunity for the Local 1000 Women’s Empowerment Committee to continue their work to build a stronger union and to be a powerful resource for our members.