REP 200: Legal Rights of Stewards and State Employees
Required For Certificate - This Course Is Split Into 4 Sections

Online Course

There are specific rights that go along with being a steward. There are eight important principles behind steward’s rights. This course will go through each right and clarify specifically how it applies to the role of a steward.

  • 200.1 – “The Eight Important Principles of Steward Rights”
  • 200.2 – “The Dills Act and Article 2 Rights”
  • 200.3 – “Interviews and Skelly Hearings”
  • 200.4 – “The Skelly Decision”

Requirements: Students are required to pass a post test in the final section (200.4).

Prerequisite: REP100

Estimated Time: 30 minutes per section (2 hours overall)