It’s Time You Get Paid What You Deserve!
Richard Louis Brown is here to help


Do you deserve Essential Worker Premium Pay? Then it’s time to tell Governor Newsom and our California state legislators to immediately negotiate with Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown to get you paid now! 

Thanks to you, the 4th largest economy in the world was not interrupted during this great worldwide pandemic. While some State employees teleworked and others continued to work in person to serve the public, ALL State employees financially sacrificed 2 days a month in pay for FY 20-21. Meanwhile, our State Legislators made NO financial sacrifice! It’s time to end the hypocrisy and make things right, because we’re all equal! 

Here’s how you can help to get what you deserve:

  1. Create an email with the following message:

    It’s time to pay essential workers like myself for keeping California going during the pandemic. Immediately negotiate with Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown so that I get my Essential Worker Premium Pay!
  2.  Use the subject line: I Deserve My Essential Worker Premium Pay!
  3.   Use the addresses below to email all our California state legislators. Just copy and paste all the addresses into your “To:” box. The more emails we send, the more voices President Brown will have behind him to demand you get paid!