DVI Options Process FAQ


Q. What is the Options process?

A. The Options process is the phase where impacted employees receive information about the options available to them related to the closure. Employees should receive packets beginning on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. The packets will contain information about the available options that employees have in terms of retaining a position with CDCR, as well as information regarding requesting an Options meeting. Employees will be given a deadline  to return the packets with their preferred choice(s) for positions. Positions are awarded in the Options process based upon seniority. Employees will receive information about the position that they have been awarded no later than August 30, 2021. 

Q. What happens at an Options Meeting?

A. Employees are able to speak directly to representatives from the department and ask questions about each of the options provided. The goal is to ensure that each impacted employee has a complete understanding of the options provided to them. Employees also have the right to request Union representation at these meetings, and Union representatives will further clarify any questions employees may have. 

Q. Where and how will these meetings be held?

A. A schedule of Options meetings should be provided to employees when they receive their Options packets, which should include contact information for scheduling, logistics, and ways to direct questions to the departments. 

Q. I need a reasonable accommodation or assistance to participate in these meetings.  How can I get that help?

A. You can direct any requests for accommodations for your Options meeting to the Workforce Consolidation and Reduction Support (WCRS) help desk for your department. That information can be found on your department intranet. 

Q. I want to have representation from the Union at this meeting.  How do I arrange that?

A. When you schedule your meeting with the department, let them know that you want representation. The department will communicate with the Union to let them know when representation is needed. 

Q. I’ve filled out my Options worksheet and chosen where I would like to be placed. What happens now?

A. The department will assign the positions requested based upon seniority, and employees will receive a determination letter by August 30, 2021.  

DVI SROA Phase Agreement FAQs

Q. How long does my SROA status last?

A. You will remain on the SROA list until September 30, 2021. After that date, you will be moved to a reemployment list, and your name will remain on that list for five years. 

Q. My classification already had its post and bid process for this year, what will happen to me at my new institution?

A. An interim bid will be carried out for your classification at your new work location for the remainder of the bid period. 

Q. My classification will carry out its post and bid process in September. If DVI is still open until September 30, where will I participate in this process?

A. Employees will have received verification of where their new position will be by August 30, so you will participate in post and bid at your new institution. 

Q. I have a vacation later this fall that was already approved. What will happen when I move to a new position?

A. Pre-approved leave requests – including vacation leave – will be honored at your new position. 

Q. I am participating in an upward mobility program.  What will happen when I move to a new position?

A. You will be able to continue to participate in this program if it is feasible. It may not be feasible if you are involved in a program that is directly tied to a specific community college or other program that is only at your prior location. If you have questions about whether your program will still be available to you at a new worksite, we recommend you contact your program coordinator. 

Q. What happens if I don’t get a position during the Options process? Will I be laid off?

A. Employees who didn’t secure a position through the Options process will be offered the chance to request to transfer to a viable vacancy outside of San Joaquin County for the class they are currently in. This information will be sent to employees by August 31, and they will have until September 3 to respond with their requested position. Positions are awarded by seniority, and employees who are not able to secure a position through this last process will be laid off. 

Q. If I get a position through this last process, what is my report date to the new position?

A. Your new position report date will be October 1, 2021.