Honoring Your Family Story


We want to provide you, as an SEIU Local 1000 member, an opportunity to celebrate your family’s immigration story. Who is an important family member you would want to recognize for their journey to this country and providing your family to be here now? Who do you recognize for establishing your family’s roots in the United States? Write to us about it, provide us a picture of yourself and pictures of them, or pictures of you holding their pics and recognize them this year in our digital campaign on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

How do you honor your family?

Email MCordova@SEIU1000.org a copy of a photograph of an important person in your family along with a current picture of you. Please fill out the form below.

Please provide us some insights as to why you chose this person and their significance to you. Have they overcome struggles, have they paved a road for your family in this country, are they a reflection of what you see as the American Dream?