Political Advocacy


Political Advocacy

Working families are under attack from a variety of wealthy business interests that place profits above people. Those special interests have successfully used many of our government institutions–Congress, the statehouse, City Hall and various regulatory agencies–to advance their agenda against the middle class.

Local 1000 will not sit idly by while others “play politics” to the detriment of state workers, their families and their communities.  If the battle to save the middle class is going to be fought in the political arena, Local 1000 will do what it takes to ensure that our members and those who are important to them are represented in that fight.

Politics Matter

As state workers raising families in California, politics affect every aspect of our lives, including the rights, raises and benefits negotiated in our contract. Making politics work for you, your family and your community is important to us.

To effectively protect your rights, Local 1000 must actively engage in electing candidates who believe in—and stand up for—working families. It is important that we support leaders who are committed to a living wage, retirement security and affordable healthcare benefits at all levels of government from the president and Congress, to California’s governor and Legislature, all the way to school boards, city councils and county commissions.

How do we make a difference?

This election is too important for you to sit it out.

Voting is a fundamental responsibility in a democracy, but for state workers it’s even more important. Elected officials impact our everyday lives. First, their decisions on education, health care, transportation taxes and housing impact our families,  friends and neighbors.

There is also the obvious relationship that these elected officials and their appointees are our bosses. That’s why we need to help elect the best candidates in California who believe in quality public services and who respect the work we do day in and day out as state employees.

Member’s voices made the union’s choices.

Before we support a candidate, Local 1000 members put them through a rigorous process of small and large interview groups, town hall meetings and written questionnaires. Once Local 1000 has our own endorsement decisions, we join with other SEIU locals in the One Voice campaign.

Get Active

Getting active during election season is key to Local 1000’s success in politics. In the 2014 election cycle, 80 percent of Local 1000-endorsed candidates won their offices. These candidates earned our endorsement, because they are committed to issues that are important to our members and to working families everywhere, like a living wage, retirement security and affordable healthcare benefits among many other things. We support good candidates by helping people have one-on-one conversations with voters, by phone banking and walking precincts to meet our neighbors where they live.

Fighting for All Workers

Whether it’s candidates, referenda or legislation, Local 1000 will fight to give workers the respect and dignity they deserve; will help their families to secure basic needs like health care, housing and education; and will raise our communities up from the neglect they have experienced in recent years.

No matter what kind of attack the moneyed special interests want to bring, we are in it to win it for the middle class.