Action Update: CCHCS Refuses to Fix Post and Bid; We Must Demand They Fix It!

Last week, over 250 LVNs, RNs and Stewards from CCHCS made calls to Statewide CNE, Cheryl Schutt, to demand that she and CCHCS act to fix their mismanagement of the Post and Bid Process.   Thanks to all of you, our actions made an impact: within minutes of our calls, Labor Relations called Local 1000 to find out what was going on.

We’ve got their attention. Now we need to turn up the heat to force them to act.

As of right now, they have not met any of our four demands nor reached out to negotiate on fixing their post and bid failures. That means they have not yet felt enough pressure. We will continue to escalate until our members get the full rights we fought for and won in the contract.

Thank you for standing up for your rights and the rights of your coworkers. This is an urgent issue and, when we stand together, we demonstrate our power to the state and force them to respect our contract.

Stay tuned for more updates.