Actions on Saturday, 11/7/2020: Voters Decided


As the votes continue to be counted, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are still on track to win more than 270 electoral votes and become President and Vice President, thanks to all the work we’ve done together and with partners to mobilize essential workers, including our members and infrequent voters in communities of color. But we know that President Trump is doing everything he can to bully, cheat, and resist the will of the people.

That’s why it’s so important that we mobilize our members to join actions with our allies this Saturday to stand up to President Trump and defend our democracy. Let’s show up in big numbers to send a message loud and clear that voters—Black, Brown, White, API—decide elections, not the president. Essential workers, especially in Black and Brown communities, turned out in record numbers, voting for bold action on racial and economic justice and electing Joe Biden our next President.

Currently, actions are planned in 66 cities across 30 states and that number continues to grow. We will show the world the best of what America can be — and hold space for the vision that Americans voted for. You can find an action near you by clicking here. See the new NBC feature discussing the event.

It’s time to organize, to mobilize, and to fight for an economy and democracy that works for all, no matter where we are from or the color of our skin.