Bargaining News for Friday, October 14
State shows a lack of movement as we return to the table - Our actions will make the difference for a contract we can be proud of


Our bargaining team met with the state for the first time in three months and ended the week frustrated by a continued lack of movement by the state on key issues. 

Earlier in the week, our team presented eye-opening information illustrating the gender pay gap in state civil service. Our union is 66% women and 34% men. The seven unions the state has reached agreement with, overwhelmingly comprised of men, are paid a staggering 43% more than Local 1000 members.

Our members are paid 19% less than the average of all rank and file state employees. We showed the state that 39% of our members can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment in the county they live in, and how in most parts of the state, our members can’t afford childcare.

The state did not modify their 2.96% salary proposal.

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