Bargaining Unit 1 and 4 State Fund Update


Bargaining unit representatives Susan Rodriguez (Unit 1, Alternate Vice Chair) and Sophia Perkins (Unit 4, Chair) met with State Fund and CalHR to negotiate impacts to existing performance standards and the creation of new performance standards for Workers Compensation Claims Adjusters (WCCA), Workers Compensation Insurance Technician (WCIT) and Program Technicians (PT) being implemented by State Fund.

During these negotiations the team addressed various concerns regarding the standards and the ways in which they were enforced at the worksite. The department discussed at length the methods and policies regarding supervisor feedback and practices to ensure all staff are successful in their positions. The team passed proposals seeking to maintain or lower current standards and to prevent the creation of new standards. After considering the issues and long conversations the department is currently rescinding the implementation of any new standards and decreasing or leaving unmodified any existing performance standards.

Please direct your coworkers to the Local 1000 web page for this and future updates.