Bargaining update for June 5, 2020
Local 1000’s Bargaining Team and State Continue Negotiations; State Rejects Union’s Cost Savings Counter-Proposal


On Friday June 5, Local 1000’s bargaining team returned to the table with state negotiators and received the state’s reply to the Union’s June 2rd cost savings counter-proposal.   

The state’s response included a rejection of much of what Local 1000 had proposed. The state refused to move on their two days a month PLP proposal and rejected a number of counter provisions submitted by the bargaining team to significantly reduce the economic impact of the state’s proposal on our members.  

Other union cost savings proposals that were rejected by state negotiators included:

  • Stronger language around alternative schedules and flexible work weeks for
    members who are not eligible for telework because of the nature of their job.
  • The 10 percent reduction of Personal Services Contracts.
  • The elimination of Retired Annuitants currently performing Local 1000 bargaining unit work.

The state said that other key provisions of Local 1000’s counter-proposal were still being considered. The bargaining team received positive feedback on the proposal for a Cost Savings Task Force. Where the state stood on other items contained in Local 1000’s June 2 counter-proposal remains murky.

SEIU Local 1000 President, Yvonne Walker shared that “We think it’s a mistake for the state to reject these proposals. We’re fighting for the economic security of our members and offering tangible, real solutions. We’re in active negotiations and we will continue to push the state forward to ensure our members can provide for their families and continue the critical work they are doing to serve Californians throughout this crisis.”


We are scheduled to return to the table on Monday, June 8.