Bargaining Update for Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Local 1000 Returns to Master Table to Push for Workplace Fairness and Economic Justice


On July 10, 2019 our Local 1000 Bargaining Team met with state negotiators to continue contract bargaining. The proposals the team submitted to the State addressed a number of important issues connected to workplace fairness and economic justice.

In the run up to contract bargaining our members communicated to us through town halls and our bargaining survey how important being treated fairly at their workplace was to them. We responded to that message by developing proposals that seek to address some of the costs associated with being a state worker. The team also developed proposals around creating more Compensatory Time-Off flexibility, and they passed proposals to make the state’s Letter of Instruction process and nepotism policies more consistent and more fair across departments.

In California, working people and their families run into any number of economic pressure points – housing, health care, and childcare – on an everyday basis. For many working people, including thousands of state workers, even little expenses can impact their ability to meet basic needs. For instance, many of the 96,000 state workers that Local 1000 represents are required to wear uniforms for their job but end up covering much of the cost. When you’re on a limited budget the annual cost for uniforms can add up quickly. Local 1000’s commitment to making our state a California for All means that addressing these expenses begins with state workers.

Our other July 10th proposals seek to create workplaces where state workers can be treated fairly. Our proposals would:

  • Increase the Uniform Replacement Allowance.
  • Create more flexibility cashing out and using Compensatory Time Off triggered by overtime.
  • Revamp the Letter of Instruction process to shorten the management timeline and diminish management abuse.
  • Require each department to create a nepotism prevention program. 
  • Cap the percentage of Permanent-Intermittent employees a department is allowed to have.
  • Add to our Union Security contract provision privacy protections for Local 1000 represented workers.   

All across this state, working people increasingly feel as if California is a place that they can’t afford to live. President of Local 1000, Yvonne Walker has said that “our contract campaign is an opportunity to set a new standard for what working people can accomplish standing together. A California for All includes us.”   

As part of our campaign to make this state a place where all of us can live, we’re planning a big rally on Tuesday, August 13th on the West Steps of the State Capitol. Event start time will be at 9:30 a.m. and the formal program will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch will be provided. If you are coming from outside Sacramento, transportation is available.