Board of Misdirectors


On October 16 & 17, 2021, 30+ SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors (BOD), including Irene Green, the statewide Vice President of Bargaining, met secretly at the California Democratic Headquarters in Sacramento via Zoom to strip power from Richard Louis Brown, the duly elected union leader of SEIU Local 1000. President Brown took office vowing to expose corruption and incompetence within the BOD and remove partisan/social justice politics from the union. The disgruntled, rogue SEIU Local 1000 board members formed a kangaroo court months ago before proclaiming numerous unfounded, baseless charges against our union president to justify the unsanctioned, out-of-order meeting, of which the almost 100,000 represented workers of SEIU Local 1000 were never notified or given the opportunity to attend.

What ensued at these illegal meetings was nothing short of a circus, complete with a ringmaster consultant to instruct attendees on how to conduct a board of directors meeting, including what to do and how to vote! He even scolded some members when they did not vote accordingly! On Saturday, October 16, there were not enough board members to vote on the proposals. The following day, they allegedly had enough BODs to conduct their business, but many board members who claimed to be present never showed themselves on camera, while others declared their presence through the chat feature.

None of these irregularities stopped Theresa Taylor and Bill Hall, the leading and easily identifiable proponents of this solidarity destroying effort to circumvent the union membership vote, from selfishly appointing themselves to various positions. Later, after Mr. Hall was declared the chairperson of one committee, there followed a discussion about his urgent need for full-time union leave to carry out his new duties. Board members also nominated each other to lead a litigation and a standing committee. The Litigation Committee was formed and carefully crafted to defend themselves from legal exposure created by their illegal actions, including exposure from the unauthorized meeting, while the Standing Committee was purportedly designed to control BOD sessions in perpetuity. The dirty 30+ also stated their intention to keep the same DLC presidents even if those presidents relocate outside their DLC job sites.

To read the transcripts from the meeting, click here (October 16 minutes) and here (October 17 minutes).