Building political power
11:05 AM - August 20, 2010


A major organizational priority this summer is political activism. Unit 1 members are committed to electing local and statewide candidates who support public services – and then hold them accountable. The November election is coming up and we need even more volunteers to ensure the right candidates win. If you can help, contact
Here is what’s been happening:
Special recognition goes to Javier Cardenas who phone banked/precinct walked at least seventeen times during the June primary, and Jean Colyer, who will host a Vote 2010 phone bank every Thursday in Riverside between now and the November election. Javier is a former DBUR for DLC 787 in Sacramento; Jean is the DBUR for DLC 704 in San Bernardino.

Two hundred and seventy-seven (277) Unit 1 members walked precincts and made phone calls on behalf of candidates in the June primary. Local 1000 targeted four races; won in three and lost one.  Wins were AD 5 (Sacramento, Dr. Richard Pan); AD 9 (Sacramento, Roger Dickinson); and AD 5 (Kern, King and Fresno counties, Fran Florez.)  The loss was SD 40 (Riverside and San Diego counties, Mary Salas).

In addition, 101 Unit 1 members lobbied 28 different legislators to urge support for AB 1699 (continued payments to state employees and vendors even in absence of a state budget); AB 1827 (improved services for the unemployed); AB 1899 (transparency and closing of loopholes in outsourcing); and AB 1897 (opposition to selling of SCIF assets; SCIF licensure and workload adjustments).

Three hundred and eighty-one (381) Unit 1 members turned up in the Local 1000 parking lot after work one hot July evening to urge Senate President Pro tem Darrell Steinberg to call the Senate back into session to pass AB 1699.

FTB senior steward Renee Lee has appeared before the legislature several times testifying on the dire impact the governor’s furloughs have made on her and her granddaughter.  Renee joined other SEIU members in Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of workers and to protest government bailouts of big banks that exploit people like her and her granddaughter.  Renee has been a tireless advocate for workers bullied by this administration until they face foreclosure and has appeared on local Sacramento news channels.