Call to Action for All Working Families


On April 15, Local 1000 will be out in full force on the National Day of Action in the Fight for $15 and a Union, demanding that corporate America pay all workers a living wage. Local 1000’s commitment to economic justice for all Californians means we stand strong for fair wages.

Although the movement was born four years ago from the poverty of fast-food workers–many of whom were displaced from good-paying jobs during the last economic downturn–healthcare workers, airport laborers, childcare providers, homecare assistants and even adjunct professors with advanced college degrees have joined the fight. The Sacramento rally on “four-fifteen” will focus on the preposterous practice of paying college professors–among others–poverty wages.

Local 1000 members are leading the Fight for $15, because low wages hurt the economy and the middle class.

FIGHT for FIFTEEN on 4-15

Mark your calendar to join the National Day of Action “4/15.” To find a rally near you, visit the Local 1000 website

Come out to make our voice even stronger and help us make history!