CalPERS Agrees to Insource Mailing Service


CalPERS puts out a quarterly magazine to keep its members updated on recent news and decisions.  CalPERS works with the Office of State Publishing (OSP) for the printing of this magazine but recently decided to outsource the mailing services for the magazine.  The mailing services have traditionally been performed by our members in Unit 14.

Led by Robert Vega, the Chair of Bargaining Unit 14, the Union filed a challenge to the contract at the State Personnel Board while working with CalPERS to reverse its decision to outsource the mailing.  After filing the challenge, CalPERS announced that they were bringing that mailing work back in-house.

“I think the challenge served a great purpose in bringing CalPERS and the Office of State Publishing to the table to negotiate and return this work to Unit 14,” said Robert Vega.  “This win protects the amazing work that our members provide to the State of California.”