CCHCS Broke Post and Bid; We Must Demand They Fix It!
Post & Bid: Hold CCHCS accountable to the contract we fought for


Earlier this year, Local 1000 conducted a survey of LVNs and RNs asking them whether or not they were interested in allowing nursing management to conduct an early bid. The response was clear: no. Our members want us to aggressively enforce our contract, and that’s what we will do. After pressure from the union on several fronts, the Receiver and management from California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) agreed to wait until the October post and bid cycle.

Even though we have made continuous efforts to hold CCHCS accountable—both locally and at headquarters—they refuse to respect our contract.

At many institutions:

  • CCHCS management has refused to provide proper post orders and duty statements
  • CCHCS has delayed the meet and discuss by providing the MAR and PAS after the agreed upon timelines and often with inaccurate information
  • CCHCS has made nonsensical changes to staffing
  • CCHCS has continued to make changes to the MAR and PAS as this post and bid was in motion

Post and bid is not a favor; it is a provision of our contract that we fought for. The mismanagement of post and bid by CCHCS degrades the process, our contract and our members’ hard-won right to have control over their own schedule and improve their quality of life at work. It places our licenses and our livelihoods at risk and jeopardizes patient care.

Ultimately, we hold the collective power to move management to resolve the outstanding issues that are happening throughout the system. Together, we can make CCHCS respect our contract.