Collective Bargaining Ballot


While California recovers from over a year of instability and fear thanks to COVID, dark money groups want to strip away rights from the people who helped the state, our economy, and our communities weather this storm.

This new ballot measure’s billionaire backer, Tim Draper, previously wanted to dissolve the state of California into six states via a similar ballot measure. These fanciful distractions from the real, urgent needs of millions of Californians makes it impossible to ignore that his agenda comes from a world totally removed from the one state workers live in. When the state went through challenges in the last year, state workers worked tirelessly to help address these enormous burdens, making sacrifices while fighting for fair and decent treatment in their workplace through collective bargaining.

Anti-union forces are fighting to strip not only state workers of the right to collectively bargain but all workers in the public sector, including nurses, police officers, firefighters, and teachers. This would have an immediate impact on the rights and benefits of millions of Californians, lowering their pay and stripping them of their ability to have a safe workplace, not that the authors of this measure care. They’re too concerned with stripping out the human aspect of the services our members provide by branding them as “public employees,” but we know who they are.

They are the people who make up the backbone of this state, people who have fought for years for fair representation in their workplace, who were on the front lines of the pandemic saving lives. Instead of remembering how essential our members are, these anti-union agitators want to remind us all that the rich and well-connected can invent policies whenever they want, and if millions of Californians suffer as a consequence, so be it.

While billionaire-funded ballot measures may try to attack state workers in California, they will never shake the power of working people who stand up for themselves in their workplace and in their community. Our members will be ready to defeat this initiative in 2022!