Collective power delivers results
Union clout fixes delays in SSSB claims


Local 1000 leveraged our collective power to get relief for members at the State Special Schools who were struggling with delays in State Special Schools Benefit (SSSB) funds. SSSB funds are a type of unemployment benefit for employees of the State Special Schools run by the California Department of Education (CDE).

Local 1000 members and staff met several times over the past eight months with department representatives. The union forced management to identify what was causing delays and to find ways to minimize those delays. 

Responding to union demands for a better system, the state has significantly streamlined the process members use to claim benefits. As a result of our representational power, CDE and the Employment Development Department (EDD) listened to our members and committed to a fix.

Waiting times have already improved and will continue to improve with each new school break in which SSSB claims are filed. CDE and EDD have also agreed to work collaboratively to ensure better communication with employees claiming SSSB.

“Together, as a union, we have the clout to solve issues for our members,” says Tamekia N. Robinson, Local 1000 vice president for organizing/representation. “Our collective power enables us to get problems addressed quickly.”

If you are a Special Schools employee who has been frustrated by the process in the past and have stopped applying, we encourage you to try again now that many delays have been minimized and the new online and mobile friendly site is available.