Community Power Holds Homeless Forum to Help Members Make a Difference for the Unhoused


More than 65 Local 1000 members joined a virtual Community Power forum on June 9 to discuss Sacramento’s homeless situation and develop real solutions and positive outcomes for the unhoused in our area.

Attended by a number of community groups, the forum reinforced the theme that it’s important to see the unhoused as “people just like the rest of us” as we provide assistance.

The group learned that homelessness is primarily caused by a change in economic circumstances. In fact, 25-40 percent of the unhoused are employed full- or part-time. Furthermore, families with children are the fastest-growing segment of the unhoused population.

Two different panels shared their knowledge about where efforts were already underway to provide assistance, and the meaningful steps that are possible to provide housing for thousands of our neighbors.

Several actions steps were agreed upon:

  • Attendees were provided with a resource list of groups helping the unhoused and encouraged to volunteer
  • Advocacy of local public health orders protecting the homeless
  • Advocacy at the city council level, including contacting our local elected representatives to gain their support

On June 15th, the Local 1000 Community Power group will host a virtual forum with West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero to encourage setting up a similar group of volunteers in West Sacramento. For more details visit

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For more information about this forum or to learn how to join other members who are actively involved in their community, email us at