Community Power Shower Event Offers Some Basic Dignity for our Unhoused Neighbors


Our Local 1000 mission statement compels us to create a good life for all Californians. We do this in many ways—retirement security for all, and the right to $15 and a union to name two— but sometimes we help people in our community take what appear to us to be small steps but are every bit as important to ensuring a healthy, caring society.

On Saturday, March 27, our Community Power Team, in partnership with the Mercy Holistic Ministry, provided some basic human comfort to the less fortunate in the Sacramento community in the form of a shower, some fresh clothes, and a meal.

“Our goal was to offer some basic dignity,” said Crystal Bryant, a long-time member leader and community activist. “We were able to touch many lives. We connected in a personal way, steered them to other community resources, and each of them left feeling like a million bucks!”

Quinn Jones-Hylton is just now stepping into his union leadership with the Community Power team. That day, he canvassed the unhoused in the area surrounding the Local 1000 Union Hall and brought more participants to the event.

“I joined the effort because it’s important to give service to people and to make their day better,” Quinn said. After the event, he distributed leftover lunches to the unhoused in the Cesar Chavez Park area. “These were people who are constantly unsure of where their next meal will come from.”

This “shower day” event is just one of a number of Community Power activities that range from drives to collect toys, clothing, and coats, to virtual town halls with guest such as Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela.

“Our goal is to make systemic change in our community, to seek long-term solutions in partnership with elected officials and other community organizations,” Crystal added. Bryant and Jones-Hylton were joined by Local 1000 members Francina Stevenson, Griffin Tufuga, Harold Fong, and Shelia Byars, as well as her husband Matthew Bryant.

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