Connecting Common Values
Papal visit forums focus on opportunities for economic and social justice


Pope Francis’ first visit to the U. S. since being elected to the papacy in 2013 provided Local 1000’s Latino/Latina Committee with the opportunity to host two nights of discussion on the visit’s significance. Called “Connecting Common Values: Income Inequality, Environment, Immigration, Race” the forums were held September 15 and 22 at Local 1000’s Sacramento Field Office in partnership with Sacramento Area Congregations Together (ACT). The forums were inspired by this pope’s embrace of many progressive issues and the opportunities for social and economic justice presented by his leadership.

“Our members and our local are engaged in issues such as immigration and income equality,” said Miguel Cordova, Latino/Latina Committee chair. “It’s important to create a space for dialog about how we share and stand up for these common values.”

Francis has made a huge impact inside and outside the Catholic Church by taking outspoken positions on these issues as well as the environment, immigration and race.

“The energy generated by the pope’s visit provides a spark,” said Cordova, “but it’s up to Local 1000 members to turn it into a fire.”

“We know that the work is ongoing,” said Cordova. “The way we bring change is not by what we discussed this past week but what we do tomorrow.”

Francis, the first pope elected from the Americas, was in the U.S. September 23 through 27. While here, he became the first pope to address Congress or visit a U.S. prison.