Contact Tracing Extension


On July 21, 2021, SEIU Local 1000 met with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and CalHR to meet and confer over the contact tracing extensions through September, 2021. 

Through productive conversations at the table, we learned more information about the current transition of the CDPH contact tracing program. What would have normally been a local health matter, was not possible due to the severity of the COVID-19 health crisis. However, with the current percentage of vaccinated Californians, and the State lifting restrictions, CDPH is now winding down involvement in staffing in anticipation of local health agencies taking on more of a role and responsibility in staffing COVID-19 contact tracing.

While the goal and hope is to fully transfer contact tracing to the local health agencies, we did also confirmed if COVID variants or other factors cause spikes in cases, the State contact tracing program may need to provide additional support and could require more contact tracer staffing. CDPH stated that in September they will reassess the contact tracing program, will gather feedback from the employees as well as departments, and make another determination about how many State employees will need to continue their contact tracing assignments.

We confirmed that employees returning from contact tracing will return to their original assignment, or as close as possible, and there will be a reasonable transition plan and timeline for retraining/on boarding for their original assignment. If not, please contact the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348), and we will work with CalHR and CDPH to ensure all employees returning from contact tracing are treated fairly and set up to succeed in their original assignments and career with the State. 

The contact tracing side letter is stillremains in place for those still doing contact tracing., and wWe will continue to monitor and keep the dialogue with CDPH and CalHR open about the next steps in the contact tracing process.

“The conversation was good, and we were able to get clarity on the process for returning to our normal assignments after contact tracing ends.” – Bobby Dutta, CDPH

Stronger Together,

SEIU Local 1000